Safety and Security Film

Safety and Security Film

Reduce the risk of property damage, theft and personal injury

Safety and Security

The Benefit

From reducing the risk of intrusions to mitigating the damages caused by natural disasters our SafetyShield security film can help protect you. Security films will help prevent intrusions by allowing the glass to break but not shatter.This will prevent the intruder from entering your home or business quickly, leaving them wondering what to do next. In most cases, the intruder will just move on.

During storms or natural disasters our SafetyShield security film will help reduce the risk of flying debris and high winds from entering your home. When high winds enter a structure they can collapse it from the inside. By preventing the glass from shattering our security films can greatly reduce the risk of personal injury and serious structural damages.

The Product

Our Safety Shield security film is one of the most tested and proven products out there. They have been extensively tested and meet safety glazing criteria by CPSC.

Our films can bring your building up to code requirements at costs far below those of replacing existing windows. Available in a wide range of shades, styles and grades, our safety films are designed with protection in mind..

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Whatever the level of service you require, we are sure we have a package that meets your needs.

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