School Safety Film

School Safety

Fortify your school windows and entryways

School Safety

The safety of students and staff is your primary concern so we would like to introduce you to an easy and cost effective method of increasing safety on school campuses. The glass on windows and doors of a school is the most vulnerable entry point into your building. SafetyShield security film is an impact-resistant laminate that delays entry during an intrusion, active shooter incident, burglary, or vandalism. When a window is impacted, SafetyShield film holds shattered glass in place slowing the intruder down and protecting those inside from flying glass. Our security film integrates with your existing campus security measures and provides 24/7 protection

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For maximum protection an attachment system is recommended. These attachment systems come in different levels and thicknesses. An attachment system anchors the film =to the window frames. This creates a stronger structure and will delay any intruder even further. These attachments vary from dow corning silicone attachments to metal frameguard attachments.

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